The Founders

Bumbershoot Solutions Inc. is a federally incorporated company with its head office located in Brockville, Ontario. The company is co-founded by two partners, Sabby Duthie and Parnell Nolan who together have over 50 years of experience working and servicing the older population.

Sabby has been successful working for over twenty years by owning and managing retirement homes.

She has a strong passion for the older person and recently co-authored a book called Elder Abuse: You Have a Role to Play and co-founded a non-profit organization called BridgeGen Canada Centre with the goal of connecting each generation together.

Parnell Nolan has been working in the field of social services in the school system and retirement homes for over thirty years.

Parnell is a versatile manager adept at managing multiple projects with ease. She has successfully lead organizations and teams and is an entrepreneur at heart where she has her own small business called FunArtParties. Parnell is herself a well-known musician and artist and understands how having fun with activities is great medicine for addressing social isolation.

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